credits: Nick LaVecchia

Project Name


This is a unique project in that it was a successful combination of inherently difficult requirements. The home had to be affordable for a young couple just starting out, as well as energy-efficient. The orientation had to be mindful of the heavily traveled road in order to make the most of the limited privacy. The design had to also be mindful of optimal solar orientation. This home is roughly 1,100 Square Feet, and designed to be easily added on to in the future.

Many of its materials are required to perform triple duty: structure, architectural interest and finish. This helped keep the costs down and give the interior a clean uncluttered feeling.

The energy usage for the small home is staggeringly low as a result of a tight building envelope and the passive solar design.

Number of Bedrooms: 3

Number of Baths: 2

Size: 1100 SF

Year: 2015

Construction Costs: $240,000

Architecture or A/E Firm Name

Caleb Johnson Architects + Builders


Caleb Johnson


Josh Brockman


Structural Integrity - Structural Engineering


York, ME


Nick and Molly LaVecchia

General Contractor

Caleb Johnson Architects + Builders