Casa - An Intermediate Care Facility in Scarborough, Maine


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Project Name

Casa - An Intermediate Care Facility in Scarborough, Maine

Casa | Scarborough, Maine

Casa is a non-profit, intermediate care, nursing residence for mentally and physically handicapped young adults. Some of the residents joined Casa at a young age, staying throughout their adult lives, enjoying a community with amenities to live life to its fullest.

The development of the community was centered on providing a residential atmosphere promoting informal interaction between residents, their families and the living spaces. The space, building and environment, along with the organization, fill the need to give Casa residents access to beneficial resources throughout their lives. The community is home to 16 adults and children with developmental disabilities, autism and/or intensive medical needs. The community itself is built on accessibility, ensuring safe travels for the residents to access all areas of the community both inside and out.

The teamĀ provided architecture, interior design and landscape architecture services for the Scarborough Intermediate Care Facility (ICF). The team identified all building details, elevations and sections creating entries and exits with zero obstructions and ease of access for residents, nurses and staff. Each of the residents rooms, as well as the therapy pool, have semi-recessed ceiling lifts to help the residents and staff ensure everyone has mobility and access within those spaces. The teamĀ investigated the best options for a complete interior refresh including wall finishes and floor finishes creating a warm and caring environment. The state-of-the-art ICF is located in a wooded Maine community featuring a community room, sunroom, gazebo and a beautiful, relaxing, handicapped-accessible therapy pool.



Architecture or A/E Firm Name

Gawron Turgeon Architects


Rebecca Day-Dillon


Deirdre Pio, CSI, CDT; Stan Gawron, RA; Rachel Sunnell, RLA





General Contractor

AlliedCook Construction