Do I have to start and finish my submission in one session?
No. You can start your submission and return to finish it before the deadline.

What if I want to make changes to my entry after I have completed my submission?
You can enter the system at any time to edit or update your submission before the deadline.

What happens when I hit the “submit” button for my project?
If you have filled in all of the required fields, hitting the “submit” button will save your information.

Once submitted, your project will be available for review and/or edits in the “Your Projects” section of the home screen.  All review/edits must be made before the deadline.

How will I know my submission has been received?
When logged into your account, all of the projects showing in the “Your Projects” section have been received.

What if I lost or forgot my password?
Click the “lost password” link on the login page.

Additional questions
Additional questions should be directed to Jeannette Schram, AIA Maine Executive Director at or 207.200.5978.